School Values


Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be a Learner


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Our school values were created with input from the whole school community. Students receive tokens throughout the week which go towards points to be redeemed for their own rewards. Student of the Week awards are presented at weekly assemblies and go to students who display our values.


Teachers work hard to create safe and secure classrooms and encourage a learning environment where all students can succeed.


Student wellbeing is of high priority and is guided by Student Wellbeing, Anti Bullying and Student Engagement Policies. We have high expectations of positive student behaviour and work ethic in our classrooms. We aim to develop in students a sense of belonging, values of self motivation and active participation and provide every opportunity to learn so that everyone can be the very best person they can be.


We work closely with families to ensure that the well-being of all students is catered for. Programs that support student well-being include a school-based welfare coordinator, a school Chaplain, the teaching of values to support a safe school environment and programs such as Life Education and Personal Development.