Students participate in weekly Tech sessions as part of our Specialist timetable. We strive to embed eLearning within every aspect of our teaching and learning. We wish to create an eLearning environment that will empower students to become responsible, critical, intuitive, skilful and sophisticated lifelong learners. This will prepare them for a technology-rich future.


Our students enjoy a very well-resourced ICT program, with 1:1 Ipads for our Year 3-6 students and a set of class Ipads for our Foundation to year 2 students. 


We are very mindful of cyber safety at WPS. We are an eSmart accredited school and are constantly in the process of teaching our students about cyber safety and responsible, informed use of technology.


VEX Robotic team at WPS.

Some of our Year 3-6 students participate in VEX Robotic competitions where they build their own robot that they control during a variety of different skills. We work closely with Galen Catholic College and its VEX teams. 



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Below are some helpful links for parents to improve their own knowledge on ICT use:


eSafety Commissioner - Australian Government
Helping Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online.


Cybersafety advice sheets
Documents provided by the Victorian Government to give helpful advice regarding safe and appropriate behaviour.