Our students all attend a 50-minute Art session each week. Our Visual Arts program provides developmentally sequenced activities incorporating skills in seven areas of art including painting, printing, collage, drawing, construction, modelling, threads and textiles.






The program focuses on health and fitness, Fundamental Motor and Sport Specific Skills and supports students to build independent and team skills. Fostering student’s enjoyment and love of movement and activity is at the forefront of every lesson.


Students receive a 50-minute lesson each week and provides opportunities for students to be introduced to a number of sports which can then be taken to inter-school competitions, and possibly state-level.


We hold an annual athletics and cross country carnival. Our Year 3-6 students also participate in a Bike Hike.





Our Science/TECH Program is taught from Prep to Year 6, engaging and encouraging our students to look at all things scientifically.


Programs such as Robotics continue to foster and stimulate their curiosity and interest. Students investigate all units of science, including Space science, energy and change, natural disasters, force and motion, sustainability, living things, materials, solids-liquids-gases, and famous Australian scientists.



Our students all attend a 50-minute Italian session each week. Students engage in learning the fundamentals and the skills of the language. Participating in learning the language, learning about famous landmarks, learning songs, and building an appreciation of the culture and celebrations through Italian activities and our whole school's Italian Day.