Our Teaching Programs

We provide an inclusive and comprehensive education for all students aiming to develop their talents and capacities to their full potential. We provide an academic program that supports all learners, extending their strengths and helping to address any areas of concern. At the same time, we know the importance of Social and Emotional learning to every individual’s success in life. Our programs endeavour to develop each students’ self-confidence, optimism, resilience and respect for others through our wellbeing and welfare programs.


Wangaratta Primary School follows the current Victorian Curriculum. This curriculum centres around Learning Areas of The Arts, English, Health & PE, The Humanities, Languages, Maths, Science and Technologies and Capabilities of Critical and Creative thinking and Personal and Social Capability.


The curriculum is implemented through an integrated approach with a theme developing the main focus for each term. A curriculum plan sets the scene for programs across the school. Individualised programs for students with special needs are provided within the classroom setting and supported where needed with extra programming outside of the classroom.


Our English and Maths programs are producing excellent learning growth in literacy and numeracy. Our programs have been developed under the guidance of renowned experts and use strategic, evidence-based activities to ensure the best learning progress for each child.  Careful assessment and data analysis allow us to target each student’s learning ‘points of need’.


We are proud of our school’s achievements. As well as a sound holistic curriculum firmly based on English and Mathematics, there is a range of activities designed to encourage learning and involvement.