Fathering Project

The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to engage positively with their kids.


The WPS Fathering Project aims to:

  • Highlight how important a positive male role model is in a child’s life
  • Provide support as fathers and father figures navigate the obstacles of parenting
  • Encourage fathers to be proactive and connect early with their children
  • Help fathers and father figures network in positive ways
  • Reach fathers in their situation: schools, workplaces, community groups
  • Utilise research-based evidence to encourage positive parenting
  • Strengthen the relationship with fathers and father figures and their children to reduce incidences of harmful behaviours.


Our fun, social group was formed to give dads and father figures the opportunity to engage with their kids in a range of enjoyable activities, create a network for them to get together and chat about being a ‘Dad’, as well as making new friends and working together to build an even stronger school community.


In the coming 12 months we are planning quite a few events including a BBQ, camping night at school on the river, and many more. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further information.


The Fathering Project Group idea comes from an organisation known as The Fathering Project so please feel free to access their website for more information about what they offer www.fatheringproject.org.


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